On average, the course lasts 6 to 7 weeks. Classes are held Monday through Friday, and you can choose to have 3, 5 or 8 hours of daily instruction. This flexibility allows you to choose your own schedule.

Courses Choices:

  • Refresh
  • Entry Level
  • Professional
  • Master
  • Master Experienced

Payment Plans Available

Schedule an appointment and we will explain the available options.

  • Class C


  • Clases en Español

    Green Valley Truck School actualmente esta ofreciendo clases en Español, todo el material sera dado en Español así como la instrucción sera dada por personal bilingue.

Why choose Green Valley Truck School?

We don't lie just to get your business. We are honest, sincere and very confident of our teaching techniques and we have the right equipment to do the job.