I love the school environment – clean and spacious. And the equipment was easy to use; and I was able to log on and off, and take the tests with no problems. The instructors are great! I highly appreciate the advice and suggestions they gave me to help me improve my driving techniques. I will remember the techniques they taught me forever, and will use them throughout my driving career. I have no suggestions for improving the school because everything is great. Just keep running it the way it is and the students will keep learning and enjoying the school's services.

Carlos S.
I feel this school was very informative. The instructors work with you one on one, to where you don’t feel pressured and can learn at your own pace. They teach you several different techniques, so when a situation occurs, you know how to react to it. I feel the equipment they offer is outstanding. It was nice to feel safe when taking this course. Overall I was very pleased with my instructors and the way this course is taught.

Donald R.
Much thanks goes too all the instructors at Green Valley Trucking School for all their training and support they've given me Jorge and Maria Madera are the best husband and wife team I have ever met and Shawn Brock, big boss man is a added plus. They take great pride in getting each student through school to get there C.D.l license. Maria works hand in hand with the students to pass all their written testing at the D.M.V to receive all their endorsement. Shawn big boss man works with the students in the yard for backing up, parking, and pre-trip inspection and Jorge gets students ready for the road and freeway driving. I am truly grateful for all the support you have given me. thanks and GOD BLESS. Rodmond Dale Maddox Sr.

Rodmond Dale Maddox Sr.
I think it was great learning at my own pace. They were great instructors. I learned very fast and I am very grateful to them. I would recommend Green Valley Truck School to anyone who wants to learn to drive a big truck.

Esta escuela me gusto porque tienen el mas moderno y mejor sistema de enseñanza, en el salon de clases para obtener el permiso y en la practica tienen buen equipo y buena area para practicar, sus instructores son muy capaces y fácil de entender les, yo recomiendo esta escuela a todos mis paisanos.

Oscar Cisneros
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this driving school as all the people and teachers here are extremely patient with the people that are learning to drive The classroom was always a pleasure to come to as it was clean and well maintained at all times. I enjoyed using the computer to go through the tutorials as I found that much easier than listening to a person stand in front of the classroom all day long ,because it allows you to proceed at your own pace and not compete with other students. The equipment was a joy to drive as it was well maintained and never had any problems other than minor things that any tractor would have. The instructors were always willing to help you to rise to become a better driver than when you started and always willing to help with any problems you may be having with driving. That is all and I sincerely want to thank you all at Green Valley Truck Driving School as I enjoyed my time immensely.

Jack W.
I went through the school training very quickly. I was happy with the training. Maria, Notcho, And Jorge are very patient and knowledgeable about the industry. They have a good teaching technique. They answered all of my questions. Then Jorge knew when I was ready and had the answers; I just needed that push to trust in myself. Now I feel confident and am on my way to getting a job with a good company.

George K.
I’m very happy to have picked Green Valley Truck School. The first thing I really liked is the class room training, it was very informative due to the use of videos and computers; also you can learn as fast as you want. I passed all of the testing at the DMV (FIRST TIME). Even the driving test, because of the good quality practice I received! All of the trucks and trailers are in good condition and easy to operate. My instructor was very informative and knowledgeable of everything about the truck and trailer, and the correct techniques of shifting, turning, braking and overall operation of the truck. It was so easy learning from a very good trainer! THANK YOU GREEN VALLEY … THE TRUCK SCHOOL !!

Gary C.
Female power is present into the trucking Industry and Green Valley Truck School is humble to collaborate with them

Girl Driver at Green Valley Truck School